Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The Mystery Of The Whispering Mummy

This has long been my favourite book and I can remember sitting in a chair in Glendeene and reading this in a handful of hours and it still holds up. The characters are well drawn, the mystery makes sense and there’s plenty of history to absorb. There isn’t really a downside, except that this does include a chapter not told from a TTI-lead POV and, as an adult reading it, that did grate slightly. But otherwise, this was very good, a sterling TTI adventure and more proof - if it were needed - that it’s a shame Robert Arthur didn’t write or plot more of the adventures.

I like the wrap-around covers, but this is the cover of my edition (which is now 31 years old) and so I thought I'd post it here too.


  1. The Mystery Of The Whispering Mummy was the most favorite book of my childhood. I read the book at the age of eleven in Czechoslovakia in Slovak language. Now after 40 years I am going to read it again.

  2. This is definitely near the top of my favorite TI adventures.