Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The Mystery Of The Green Ghost

Starting with one of the better opening sequences of the series, this mystery maintains its initial pace and interest well. Splitting the team in a well-written fashion, all of the characters are given a chance to shine and show their strengths, right up to the climax. Well told and well put together, this is another sterling Robert Arthur effort (and nicely follows the timeline, with Bob having his brace removed just before the story begins).


  1. This may be my overall favorite adventure or definitely in the top three. All of the Robert Arthur books were great.

  2. I reread this book for the first time in years a few days ago. I loved it when I was growing up. The only weak point is why create a ghost at all? Carlson and Jensen could have dressed up as demolition workers and sneaked into the house at night and been away with the ghost pearls without anyone being any the wiser. The mansion was unguarded and if they had been challenged, all they would have to say is that they were putting in a little overtime. Seems simpler than all this elaborate hoax about a ghost! Of course, I never thought of that when I first read it and it continues to be a firm favourite despite the premise being a bit hard to swallow.