Tuesday 9 November 2010

The Secret Of Skeleton Island

The only hardback in my collection (‘liberated’ from Junior school), this mystery has always appealed to me - I liked the idea of going away, I liked the fairground and in the Roger Hall line drawing of Sally, I discovered one of the scariest things I’d ever seen (TJ & I used to dare one another to look at it then go upstairs on our own!). The story plays out well, though the ‘mystery’ itself is fairly clear, but it has a nice idea of atmosphere and the scuba sequences are very well handled. A cracking read.

This is the illustration by Roger Hall that caused my sister & I those worrying moments, showing Sally trying to finish her ride on the carousel.


  1. I created a Facebook album called 'Scary Villains' and she was in it!

  2. This was the first one I read, which is quite apt as there is a Greek family involved.

    I even remember the moment in year 7 or 8 if High School in Australia where I saw my school friend reading this book with the entrancing cover and asking 'What are you reading?'

    Eerily, this friend later became an accessory after the fact of a fratricide!